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Cloud HMI


We’ve split the HMI into server and visualization device. The server connects with the controller and performs protocol conversion, data logging, event logging, recipe, database maintenance, macro commands execution, etc. The visualization function is perfectly integrated into an iPad with the powerful Cloud HMI software application. As leaders in the HMI field and leading the trend in HMI technology, we have inherited the advantage of a traditional HMI and integrated this much simpler design. With this product, we continue to lead the cloud HMI industry.  Weintek USA Weintek North America Weintek America Weintek United States 

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With pass-through communication technology, Easy Access 2.0 allows programmers to use PLC editing software such as Siemens Weintek VPN remote Control Easy AccessStep7, Rockwell RSlogix 500 and many more on PC to access remote Weintek HMI to maintain its connected PLC. Furthermore, during the pass-through process, the communication between HMI and PLC still remains and  the updated status of PLC may be viewed instantly.



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Welcome !

Shoreline Technology draws from a wealth of talent and experience to provide Weintek ,the very best graphically designed, friendly, and easy to use touch panels for your production needs. Our mission is to provide highly efficient and reliable displays using effective and consistent technologies to meet your requirement.


Provide Weintek HMI (Human Machine Interface) in USA such as MT8050iE, MT8070iE, MT8071iE MT8100iE MT8092XE, eMT3070B. All kinds of HMI to match your requirement. 


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