New Software Announcement

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A New Way to Remote Control your HMI

By using a virtual private tunnel over the public Internet, EasyAccess 2.0 now can securely access the devices on internal network via VPN. It ensures security and reliability when transmitting data and information.

With pass-through communication technology, you can use PLC editing software such as Siemens Step7, Rockwell RSlogix 500 and many more on PC to access remote Weintek HMI to maintain its connected PLC. Furthermore, during the pass-through process, the communication between HMI and PLC still remains and you can see the updated status of PLC instantly.

  •        No router or firewall setup required
  •        SSL 128bits encrypted tunnel
  •        HMIs and users management
  •        Support log-in authentication
  •        Support PC / Panel PC / Android / Tablet PC platforms
  •        Support Proxy function
  •        Support Pass-through, VNC, and cMT Viewer applications
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